What do you do with all your "stuff" that collects in your house?

That is what I call it, "stuff." To me, it's those things that don't have a spot or place in your home or you just don't know what to do with it. In my house, some of it just becomes "piles." It's piles of paperwork and bills, piles of magazines, piles of gadgets, piles of junk mail, etc. Then there are those things that you don't want or need anymore, but you can't sell it and it's too good to throw away. So what do you do with it? Shove it in a closet, cabinet or extra bedroom? I think you get the picture.

Do you know that 2-5% of the world's population are hoarders? True hoarders do have some emotional problems, but others just can't organize or throw away things or for some, just do not have the room in their house. Others shove their things in closets and cabinets with absolutely no organization and no rhyme or reason for that location.

I just visited a friend's new house that was so beautiful, and organized, and looked professionally decorated. It looked like a model home. But, I could not figure out where all her "stuff" was. The only room that looked lived in was their bathroom that had a few pill bottles and a toothbrush on the counter and shampoo in the shower. The house didn't look cold or uninviting, but it didn't have any personal touches like family pictures or anything. Maybe she didn't have pictures of family or maybe all her "stuff" was shoved in her closets and cabinets.

I guess I personally have that "lived in look" in my house. I have lots of family pictures, magazines and newspapers to read, school papers to look over and gadgets to recharge and be readily available. These are my "piles." Which would you rather have? Maybe in between the two with a model home feel, but looks a little like people actually live there. I would like to have things in their place and in order. But now we are getting into the OCD realm! That will be a topic for another day!