Color is Everything!

Colors INvoke emotion & stimulate conversation

Choosing a desired color for your bedroom walls, your dining room table settings, or even your Facebook profile page can determine the perception created in the thoughts and attitudes of those who are viewing them. You often times select such inspirational colors subconsciously without giving the outward results a second thought.

The world is meant to be delighted in with vibrant & bold colors complimented with highlights of gloss and glimmer ... not on a gray scale hiding the truth and depth of life, with only silhouettes to glean from.

Decorating your home with different pieces of furniture infused by rich colors and vivacious details, can ignite both the conversations inhabited in the home and the emotions directed through the home. The challenge becomes to view each piece individually, seeing the personality and character it radiates, and choosing the color that best defines it's essence.

Meet Victoria...she screams of elegance and sophistication, with hints of a sassy yet confident disposition.

How will you see the colors you choose in your home?