The Beginning and the End Is Everything

Shabby Chic? Old world? Chalk paint?

Gel Stain? Dark wax? Clear wax? To sand or not to sand! Wax on, wax off! ~ Wait, that is a different movie, Daniel-son! ~There are so many decisions to make when you are trying to create and be creative. Is this an original or is this somebody else's idea? Did I see this on Pinterest, in a magazine, or at that antique store? Whatever it is, it is original to you. It is your hand that sanded, painted, waxed and sealed. It was your idea, your thought, and your time and effort.

The best part of being creative is seeing the finished end product. That is so satisfying! But to get to the end, you have to begin. You begin with a vision. You see an old piece of furniture that can be made brand new. Or you see outdated cabinets that can be brought into this century or maybe some walls that need just a little touch of color. The next step is to pick your colors, your application product and gather your materials. Then you let the creative juices flow, as they say.

But wait! You have to prep. Ugh! To me, this is the most boring part. I always wish I could skip this step. But, really, this is one of the most important steps. If you don't "prepare" that potentially beautiful piece of furniture, cabinets or walls, your "viola" moment will not be perfect.

The condition of the foundation needs to be ready to receive your creative talent. So sand away, prime away, clean and wipe until you get to that perfect place where you can begin to make something beautiful again. Take off the old so you can put on the new. This is when the fun begins.

This is where you find your happy place. Taking your paint brush or roller or rag and stroking up and down, back and forth, in and out. Roll that paint on, wipe that stain in, rub that wax around. Here, is when you can begin to see your vision of color, texture and design. You can begin to see the end. And the end is everything. Everything you had envisioned. When you put that finishing touch of sealer or wax or you pull that last piece of protective painter's tape off or you begin to distress the wood, the end is near. That is when you can step back and say it is finished, it is done! This is what I had created in my mind and it is everything I had envisioned. Viola! My creation! My hand! My work! And I give it to you to enjoy!

So Enjoy!

Michael McBride