5 Tips for Redecorating Your House

Do you want to change the look of your house without renovating it completely?

  1. Introduce an accent color in the room interior
    Accent colors are effective when used in small places, like a throw and flowers or a couple of decorations. Make sure to make your accent color bright and have it contrast with the room’s color scheme.

  2. Mix and match your bedding
    You can mix and match different bedding sets to enhance the theme of the room. Just be sure to pick pieces that fit into the image you are trying to build. For example, for a beach house you can mix fun pastel colors and different accent pieces of beach scenery.

  3. Add furniture with Vintage or Shabby Chic styles
    A single piece of antique furniture will make a regular room look chic. This is a great way to make retro and distressed furniture look stylish. Check it out here!
  4. Mix and match chairs
    The mix-and-match technique works as well for chairs as it does for bedding. Go for different textures and contrasting colors. This ‘disorder’ creates an informal atmosphere in the room.
  5. Add some color to open shelves
    Place a brightly colored detail on every open shelf. Use bright accent colors in ‘neutral’ rooms to make the design dramatic.
Michael McBride